Unbelievers pilot miniseries (2015-2019)

Life is good at the top of the financial food chain - until Sir Harry Lewis gets God.  This spells chaos (and more importantly, an end to those fat, illegal extra paycheques) for his colleagues, but they've got an unusual solution: a prototype time machine, acquired years earlier as part of a dodgy deal...

Wayne Ashcroft and myself had this crazy idea about making a TV show, involving a time-travelling assassin - except instead of trying to physically kill the target, they're trying to secure the damnation of his eternal soul.  Terminator mashed up with The Screwtape Letters, if you will.  We were joined by Robert Steven Hunt after penning the first two or three episodes, and we ended up writing a total of nine.

We then decided to see if we could move past words on a page and actually get the thing produced.  We shot a self-funded pilot version of Episode 1, plus a 'Next time...' reel comprising a selection of scenes from Episodes 3-6, and tried shopping it around various broadcasters to see if we could get anybody interested in funding the full series.

Well, despite these companies often saying they're on the lookout for new people and new ideas, we've come to the conclusion that this is a lie.  Only one or two bothered to send us so much as a quick note back to say 'Sorry not interested;' the rest just ignored us completely.  So with no sign of the funds to film the rest of the story, we eventually - reluctantly - decided to put what we'd got online so that people could see it, recut into a 5-part miniseries instead of the original single presentation.

Setting aside the financial woes and the resultant incompleteness of the narrative, though, it was a good project to work on, not least because it gave us the chance to collaborate with a lot of very skilled people both in front of and behind the camera.


Release Date
Target Acquired
Matthew Colclough & Wayne Ashcroft
Fri 11 Jan 2019
Three years earlier...  His name's Dylan Mitchell (or is it?), and he's up to something - possibly up to no good.  Where did he just arrive from, how did he know who'd win that race, and why's he interested in Sir Harry Lewis?
Matthew Colclough & Wayne Ashcroft
Fri 18 Jan 2019
Sir Harry's heading to his meeting, and goodness knows what Dylan's up to now he's gone - it's time to backtrack a bit and find out where Dylan came from, what's important about Harry, and what's really going on around here!
Damage and Alignment
Matthew Colclough & Wayne Ashcroft
Fri 25 Jan 2019
Karl is reeling from Pete and Stan's claim that they've got a time machine, and that isn't the only thing weighing on his mind.  Decision time looms - and if he can't be Karl any more then who will he be instead?
Being Sir Harry
Matthew Colclough & Wayne Ashcroft
Fri 1 Feb 2019
Dylan settles into his new life in the past, and tries to get down to his two main bits of business: making a ton of money, and making friends with his target, Harry.  But who is Harry, and what makes him tick?
Phase Completed
Matthew Colclough & Wayne Ashcroft
Fri 8 Feb 2019
It's time for Dylan - or Karl, or whoever he is - to report back to the Board.  But will they be satisfied with his efforts?

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