The Peraverse logo (2021)

As well as an actor (which is how I first met him), Douglas Brown is also an aspiring sci-fi / fantasy author under the pen name D. W. Brownlaw, working mainly on a group of interconnected stories called 'the Peraverse'.  I wound up with the job of designing an overall logo for the series.

In fact, this isn't the original logo, because 'the Peraverse' wasn't the project's original title.  In its earliest stages, it was called 'the Metaverse' - but then one Mark Zuckerberg and his chums announced a certain now-infamous rebranding exercise, and this caused Douglas some problems.  Once he'd chosen the new title, I reworked the logo to suit; although it stayed in largely the same style, I took the opportunity to brighten the colours.

I wasn't aiming for it to look 80s-ish, but now that it's finished I can't shake the feeling that it does.  Not complaining.

You can read Douglas' (or maybe I should say D. W.'s) stories at

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