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Papercuts (2012 - 2013)

Project Status: Block C complete (December 2013)
Episodes: 7
Medium: Paper-cutout animation
Technical Info: Shot on Nikon D80
Edited in Sony Vegas
HDV 720p25 16:9
Runtime: Approx 2 min 15 sec to 3 min 30 sec per episode
Collaborators: Timothy Johnston (music, guest writer)

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Papercuts, the successor to Arbitrary Stopframe, originated from some sketchy ideas which occurred to me while I was filming the Darlan short Smells Interesting in December 2011.  In my earliest concepts, the show would have been much more similar to its stopmotion predecessor, with the characters living inside a dictionary and periodically venturing out to raid my desk for resources; I thought they would usually try to avoid me, but I even toyed with the idea of having them attack me directly in the odd episode.  However, I decided this was going to be too complex, and too similar to other shows (Morph, for example), so I revised the plan and settled on the form which you've (hopefully?) been watching over the last few months.

I wrote three episode scripts in January 2012, followed by a fourth co-written with Tim Johnston in February, and it then took me four months to complete the first pair of episodes.  I started dialogue recording for Episodes 3 and 4 a few hours after completing Episode 1, and the fourth instalment remained in production until December.

Three more episodes, including a two-part story by Tim, were scripted over the summer of 2013, and produced in the second half of the year, with the last one being released on the 28th of December.  The production block also included a one-scene prologue to Episode 5, and a multi-part production vlog following the development of a new set for the two-parter.

As of the beginning of 2014, there are a handful of potential new stories in development, with two actively being scripted.

Character Guide

Photo: Name: Notable Aliases: First Appearance: Voice Actor:
Character mugshot: Captain Captain Lionel Frogmore "Senor Capitan" Episode 1: Lemon Juice for the Captain Matthew Colclough
'Captain' Lionel Frogmore is the de-facto leader of the mismatched trio, and the instigator many of their projects, including the most ambitious, the rocket ship.  Nobody actually knows what he's supposed to be the captain of, or where he got his captain's hat from, and it can't be said that his schemes often work out according to plan.
Character mugshot: Pedro Pedro de Guacamole n/a Episode 1: Lemon Juice for the Captain Matthew Colclough
It remains a matter of debate exactly where Pedro comes from, what with his confusing mish-mash of different languages, although the majority vote (supported by his name and his ever-present sombrero) suggests that he has a liberal dollop of Mexican blood in him.  His defining characteristics are a gleeful enthusiasm for almost every plan of action which is suggested to him, a tendency to follow the Captain's orders without question even when they don't make much sense, and an unfortunate habit of interpreting things a little too literally.  Other traits include being left-handed, being rather trigger-happy, being able to play the guitar, and being inordinately fond of chilli peppers.
Character mugshot: Milllimetre Millimetre "That little blighter" Episode 1: Lemon Juice for the Captain Matthew Colclough
Millimetre is very small for his species, speaks only in incomprehensible high-pitched shrieks, and does an amount of damage which is far out of proportion to his size.  Captain and Pedro seem to be rather fond of him in his better moments, but are often left frustrated by his inexplicable and unpredicable actions - especially his propensity to leave bite marks in things.

Episode Guide

P Block: Story: Episode: Title: Writer(s): Release Date:
--- 2012 RELEASES ---
A 1 Lemon Juice for the Captain Matthew Colclough 15 June 2012
Captain Frogmore, Pedro and Millimetre decide to have pancakes for breakfast, with sugar and lemon juice, but the menu doesn't prove as straightforward as you might expect
2 Germination Without Authorisation Matthew Colclough 30 June 2012
Pedro discovers a flower growing where Captain Frogmore says it isn't allowed to, and before long Millimetre has managed to make matters even worse
B 3 Jalapeno to the Skies Matthew Colclough 15 September 2012
The trio are busy researching fuels for their rocket ship, but not exactly having much success... until the answer is found from a somewhat unexpected source
4 Pedroelectric Matt Colclough & Tim Johnston 8 December 2012
Pedro gets struck by lightning while fixing the TV aerial, and Captain Frogmore sees some business potential in the consequences
--- 2013 RELEASES ---
C 5 n/a A Prologue to Episode 5 Timothy Johnston 23 November 2013
5 A Shed Too Small 14 December
6 Minimetre 21 December
Part 1: Captain and Pedro are busy trying to provision their new rocket ship simulator, while Millimetre's more interested in getting a free lunch // Part 2: Millimetre has gotten even harder to manage than usual, leaving Captain and Pedro at their wits' end
6 7 Debt of Gravy-tude Matthew Colclough 28 December 2013
Captain Frogmore gets a nasty shock one morning when the gravy bill arrives - how could anyone possibly have used so much of the stuff in one month?

Screening Room

Wallpaper Gallery

Episode 1:
Lemon Juice for the Captain
Episode 1
Widescreen · Fullframe
Episode 2:
Germination Without Authorisation
Episode 2
Widescreen · Fullframe
Episode 3:
Jalapeno to the Skies
Episode 3
Widescreen · Fullframe
Episode 4:
Episode 4
Widescreen · Fullframe
Episode 5:
A Shed Too Small
Episode 5
Widescreen · Fullframe
Episode 6:
Episode 6
Widescreen · Fullframe
Episode 7:
Debt of Gravy-tude
Episode 7
Widescreen · Fullframe