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The Murkum Show (2013 - 2017)

Project Status: Series 4 complete (July 2017)
Episodes: 55, plus 3 prologues
Medium: Stopmotion animation
Technical Info: Shot on Nikon D80 (eps 1-30)
Shot on Nikon D7100 (eps 31+)
Edited in Sony Vegas
HDV 720p25 16:9 (eps 1-45)
UHD 2160p25 16:9 (eps 46+)
Runtime: Usually approx 1 min to 1 min 30 sec per episode; longest episode approx 2 min 45 sec
Collaborators: Timothy Johnston (voices, guest writer, 2nd unit animation, sound recordist & editor)
Sarah Johnston (guest writer, 2nd unit camera, additional voice)
Sam Arthur (guest writer)
Phil Oakley (guest writer)
Douglas Brown (additional voice)
Jake Ayrton (guest writer)
Connections: Spin-offs:
  • Greasy Food with Gonce
  • The Lower Ranks
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    During the initial run of Arbitrary Stopframe, Doctor Murkum emerged as the most popular and most aired character, with starring roles in an unequalled three out of the overall thirteen episodes.  Around the time that Arbitrary Stopframe concluded, Tim suggested that Murkum should be given a show of his own - and after fifteen months of slow, false-start-littered development, The Murkum Show came into being in Spring 2013.

    In the end, I decided that less would be more, and that each episode should comprise a single, short sketch culminating in some form of injury and/or embarrassment for Murkum.  The episodes are broadly similar to those of Arbitrary Stopframe in terms of their length and format, but there are some notable differences, mainly the custom-built all-Lego set, the recurrence of the same main character in all episodes, and the regular use of spoken dialogue throughout the series.

    Behind the scenes, The Murkum Show has a lot in common with Papercuts, in that they are both divided into production blocks - groups of 2 or 3 episodes (3 in the case of The Murkum Show) which move through the production pipeline together - all of their voice work recorded in one go, then all of their stopmotion footage filmed in one go, etc.

    Right from the start of the project, I planned that I would demolish the set after the conclusion of Series 1, and if/when Series 2 ever got made then it would take place in a different part of Murkum's fort; as it happened, multiple scripts for the second series had already been written before the first was finished; the second-season episodes take place in a new Staff Lounge, which is still being fitted out during the earlier episodes.  The second season went into production in February 2014, and was published between March and June.

    Having gone to the trouble of adding a kitchen area at one end of the set, I was disappointed that it only ended up featuring significantly in one episode, so as the production of Series 2 was coming to an end I took the last-minute decision to make a short spin-off series in which Murkum's head cook Gonce Mulfidd attempts to host his own cookery show - Greasy Food with Gonce.

    Series 3 moved the action out of Fort Murk and into the so-called 'Lord Murkum Nice Charity Station', Murkum's abysmal attempt at running a motorway service station about 30 miles west of the Fort.  The season aired at the same time of year as Series 1 (although I changed the broadcast date from Saturday to Thursday for practical reasons), and it follows the gradual disintegration of the NCS project, and Murkum's increasing frustration, leading up to his decision in Episode 45 that he will retire from the Murk Army.

    Before fully demolishing the NCS set, I produced a second short spin-off series - The Lower Ranks - this time revolving around the Gamma-3 contingent, who have been banished to live at the Station a few months after Murkum's retirement.  The story took a while to fully develop, but ended up hinging around a string of blunders made by the Gammas in the wake of a communications breakdown with their boss.

    Despite Murkum's apparent exit at the end of Series 3, the show did actually have a fourth season (albeit shorter in length at just 10 episodes instead of 15, and released in 2017 instead of 2016), which returned the action to Fort Murk and focussed on Murkum's efforts to regain control of his Army.  The new series featured some changes to the production workflow, with episodes now being shot and edited in the higher-resolution UHD (also known as 4K) format, and Fort Murk being represented by seven different small sets instead of using one large one as the previous seasons had done.

    Character Guide

    Character photography by Sarah Johnston · Text partially adapted from a blog post by Timothy Johnston

    Photo: Name: Rank: Role: First Appearance: Voice Actor:
    --- THE BOSSES ---
    Character mugshot: Murkum Doctor Murkum Founder and Head of the Murk Army Episode 1: Elite Class Matthew Colclough
    'Doctor' Murkum is an egotistical but generally hopeless cyborg.  He was originally human, but has lived away from Earth for so long that it doesn't make any difference to him any more, and after a spacewalk that went horribly wrong several decades ago, he is now equipped with assorted bionic body parts including his voicebox and all four limbs; he claims these give him superior abilities, but they really don't.  He is arrogant, violent, a kleptomaniac and a pathological liar, and isn't really a doctor at all.  He has several xenophobic tendencies, including being extremely anti mustaches (in spite of the fact that he has one himself, somewhere under that visor), and terrified of pebbles.
    Character mugshot: Bluey "Blue Gun" / "Bluey" Alpha-2 Head of Division Episode 1: Elite Class Matthew Colclough
    Bluey first met Murkum during a stint in jail, and the pair co-founded the Murk Army on Festofol thirteen years later.  Several defeats and disasters (and a few changes of planet) later, Bluey remains Murkum's right-hand man in the Murk Army's main division, and the third-highest-ranking member of the entire Army, behind Murkum and Oney.  The name 'Bluey' might seem a little odd, considering he is dressed from head to toe in red, but the full version 'Agent Blue Gun' makes more sense when you see his trademark blue-lensed laser rifles (occasionally one has been destroyed or stolen, and he has been forced to get a replacement, so the one seen in The Murkum Show is about his fifth or sixth).  He insists on going by 'Blue Gun' or 'Bluey' as his real name is so staggeringly embarrassing that he has never told anyone what it is.
    Character mugshot: IRAM "QSTG" / "IRAM" Alpha-3 Pseudo-scientist Episode 1: Elite Class Matthew Colclough
    3-Group began its existence on Kadod, as an independent mercenary squad led by Grot Zerin Fumster.  The Murk Army arrived on the planet six years later, after fleeing the scene of one of their worst defeats, and Murkum soon hired Fumster's squad to refill his depleted ranks, with their leader eventually becoming Alpha-3.  Although he probably does remember his original identity, Fumster keeps on changing his name, invariably to something long, unweildy and ridiculous with a hopelessly inaccurate title embedded in it; these names are usually contracted down to their initials by everyone else.  He is currently known as 'Intellectual Research Activist Mumbleforce', or 'IRAM', although Murkum accidentally calls him by the recently-discarded name 'QSTG' in the pilot episode Elite Class.
    Character mugshot: Mephnar Sr Mephnar Rosokiah Sr Alpha-7 Mercenary Warlord Episode 1: Elite Class Timothy Johnston
    Mephnar is head of the House of Rosokiah, a nomadic bandit household who are latest addition to Murkum's rabble, only working for Murkum because (for long and complicated reasons) they haven't got anywhere else to go.  The House are the most competent members of the Murk Army by a long way, and are the only members to pose any sort of military threat to anyone other than themselves.  They brought two aircraft with them when they joined, which are easily the best in the Murk Army fleet, and which Murkum has been trying (on and off) to obtain for his own personal use ever since.
    --- 2-GROUP ---
    Character mugshot: Beta-2s The Beta-2s Episode 2: Drinkies various
    Bluey's twenty or so Beta agents, who comprise most of the orange-clad crowds in The Murkum Show Series 1, are the general mid-range dogsbodies of the Murk Army.  For many years they were mostly unremarkable, but Bluey came into some money in early 2012 and spent most of it re-equipping and re-training his Betas (including the purchase of their current uniforms, weapons and aircraft), and since then they have effectively been the Army's crack troops.  Figures of note within the contingent include Atkun (Chief Engineer), Gonce and Uduir (the two cooks), and Solter (the Murk Army's crooked accountant).
    Character mugshot: Atkun Atkun Foundrum Beta-2.01 Chief Engineer Episode 2: Drinkies Matthew Colclough
    Atkun is one of the longest-serving and more competent Murk Army members, and serves as the Chief Engineer and first-among-equals of the Beta-2s.  Besides maintaining the vehicle fleet (and to some degree Fort Murk itself), and sometimes building a whole new craft, Atkun's duties include leading Beta-2 training exercises, and helping keep his Gamma-2 underlings under some sort of control.
    Character mugshot: Gonce Gonce Mulfidd Beta-2.02 Chief Cook Episode 6: Power is Everything Matthew Colclough
    Gonce has served the Murk Army for almost as long as Bluey and Atkun, but comes nowhere near those two in the competence stakes.  His main contribution, for many years, has been to run the kitchens, churning out huge volumes of barely-edible sludge; these days he is aided by a Phyhene 'assistant' cook, Uduir, who is vastly better at cookery than he is, but is still his de jure junior due to the Murk Army's combination of xenophobia and general resistance to change.
    Character mugshot: Solter Solter Gorritrant Beta-2.03 Chief Accountant Episode 18: Ready Money Timothy Johnston
    Solter is the Murk Army's crooked accountant.  Murkum thinks Solter is really good at looking after everybody's money - which he is, if you count "routinely embezzling half of" as a subset of "really good at looking after".
    Character mugshot: Gamma-2s The Gamma-2s Episode 2: Drinkies various
    The Gamma-2s used to make up about 50% of the main Division of the Murkum Army, and although their numbers have depleted since 2011, they remain the largest contingent.  They are without exception ignorant and stupid, and have little to no sense of self-preservation; as a result, they are given most of the nasty jobs around Fort Murk.
    Character mugshot: Crad Crad Suttrall Gamma-2.25 General-purpose goon Episode 27: Harmony Is For Fools Matthew Colclough
    Crad's favourite occupation is attempting to suck up to Bluey, in the hope of getting promoted to Beta-2 - despite years of failure, he remains convinced that he is just one more helpful deed away from securing his promotion.
    --- 3-GROUP ---
    Character mugshot: Beta-3s The Beta-3s Episode 15: Breach of the Peace n/a
    Once the Army's crack troops, the six Beta-3s (arguably six-and-a-half, if you count the mummified head of their former comrade Gavin) have been IRAM's faithful followers ever since their days as a separate outfit on Kadod, and the group exist in a little clique of their own, regarding the rest of the universe with a little suspicion and a lot of disgust.  They have a bitter and often violent rivalry with 2-Group (exacerbated by the fact that the Beta-2s have become better fighters than the Beta-3s since their recent re-training), and - like everyone else - they particularly hate the Gamma-3s.
    Character mugshot: Aaron Aaron Frostming Beta-3.01 General-purpose thug Episode 19: Use Nor Ornament Timothy Johnston
    IRAM's right-hand man and the first-among-equals of the Beta-3s, Aaron has been part of the Murk Army for a long time, and is one of its most influential members.  He is regarded with respect by his fellow Betas, and terror by the Gammas.
    Character mugshot: Captain Eggs Mos "Captain Eggs" Vondir Gamma-3.06 Low-ranking dimwit Episode 29: After Hours Matthew Colclough
    "Captain Eggs" is regarded as one of the Murk Army's most useless members, and was among the first to get demoted to Gamma-3.  His two worst characteristics are a compulsion to gamble at every possible opportunity, and a losing streak which has gone unbroken for a decade and a half, racking up total debts on the order of billions of pounds (although, fortunately for Eggs, nobody except Solter has managed to keep anything like an accurate record).
    Character mugshot: Derk Derk Molgrick Gamma-3.14 Low-ranking dimwit Episode 9: Riveted Timothy Johnston
    Derk is one of the Gamma-3s, who are probably the stupidest of all the characters in the Murk Army.  He has less obvious personal foibles or failings than many of the others (the worst is probably his insistence on not only wearing empty breathing tanks, but wearing them back-to-front), but he is still staggeringly unintelligent.
    Character mugshot: Left-Handed Bob "Left-Handed" Bob Gamma-3.24 Low-ranking dimwit Episode 21: Waiter, Waiter Timothy Johnston
    The ultimate misnomer, Left-Handed Bob not only isn't left-handed, he doesn't have a left hand at all.  Oddly enough, this doesn't seem to stop him trying to do things with his left hand, and leads to him spreading even more chaos and debris than the average Gamma-3.
    --- 7-GROUP ---
    Character mugshot: Mephnar Jr Mephnar Rosokiah Jr Gamma-7.01 Mercenary Episode 6: Power is Everything Timothy Johnston
    The eldest grandson of Mephnar Senior (whom he is named after, in accordance with ancient Vel Kadodac tradition), and nominally heir-apparent-but-one to the headship of the House of Rosokiah - although the line of succession has become something of a moot point since the House were programmed into the databank of the Murk Army's resurrection machines.
    Character mugshot: Oney Randall Meswork / "Oney" Alpha-1 Head of Division Episode 5: I Want the Droids Timothy Johnston
    Oney is one of the most senior members of the Murk Army, second only to Murkum, and not only heads up 1-Group (hence the nickname 'Oney', short for 'Alpha One'), but is in overall command of the entire Tnarran Division.  He is one of Murkum's closest aides, but he's of little help as he is very nearly as dim as Murkum, and spends large amounts of time and effort trying to get one-up on Bluey, with whom he shares an intense, and mutual, dislike.
    Character mugshot: Mitchell Mitchell Fruitmacher Beta-1.01 Deputy Head of Division Episode 25: A Friend in Need Timothy Johnston
    Mitchell has spent many years serving as Oney's right-hand man, and despite technically being ranked Beta rather than Alpha, he is actually the second-most-important figure in Tnarran Division.
    Character mugshot: Hooper Jim Hooper Beta-1.02 Engineer Episode 25: A Friend in Need Matthew Colclough
    Oney met and hired Hooper in a seedy bar while Oney was serving a three-year period in exile on Earth; Hooper served as his right-hand man for the remainder of the exile period, and then travelled back to the second moon of Tnarran with his boss, receiving a high rank within Tnarran Division in recognition of his superior technical skills.  He has partially acclimatised to the Murk Army 'culture', but only reluctantly, and remains the only sane man on the entire moon.

    Episode Guide

    Series: P Block: Episode: Title: Setting: Featured Characters: Writer(s): Release Date:
    --- SERIES 1 ---
    1 A 1 Elite Class Engineering Shop Bluey, QSTG (aka IRAM), Mephnar Sr Matthew Colclough 18 May 2013
    Features a welding accident, and a not-so-clever solution from Murkum's right-hand man Bluey
    2 Drinkies Engineering Shop Beta-2s, a Gamma-2 Matthew Colclough 25 May 2013
    Murkum's engineering-shop shenanigans continue, this time featuring 85% more machine grease
    3 Headlong Dash Engineering Shop Beta-2s Matthew Colclough 1 June 2013
    Loud and gramatically-dubious boasting goes before a fall
    B 4 Hammer Action Engineering Shop Atkun Matt Colclough & Tim Johnston 8 June 2013
    Murkum thinks he can outdo chief engineer Atkun at the old art of hammering stuff
    5 I Want the Droids Engineering Shop Oney, Atkun Timothy Johnston 15 June 2013
    Murkum has a video conference with Alpha One, the chief of Murkum's secondary operations on another planet, but it doesn't end well
    6 Power Is Everything Engineering Shop Mephnar Jr, Bluey Timothy Johnston 22 June 2013
    Murkum does some ill-founded boasting about his gun, Craftman, which could perhaps best be described as a laser blunderbuss
    C 7 Props for Ignorance Engineering Shop --- Matthew Colclough 29 June 2013
    Murkum versus gravity
    8 Speed of Delivery Engineering Shop Beta-2s Timothy Johnston 5 July 2013
    Murkum's patience gets put to the test
    9 Riveted Engineering Shop Derk Molgrick Sarah Johnston 13 July 2013
    The best laid plans of mice and Murkum, are wont to go awry - especially when there's a power tool in the room
    D 10 Steady Hand Engineering Shop Grud Droid, Atkun Matthew Colclough 20 July 2013
    Don't question Murkum's soldering ability: according to quantum theory, any questioning of Murkum's soldering ability will cause a reduction in Murkum's soldering ability
    11 Shiny New Toy Corridors a Gamma-2 Sam Arthur 27 July 2013
    The Murk Army love their gadgets
    12 Boss Machine Engineering Shop Bluey Matt Colclough & Tim Johnston 3 August 2013
    Murkum thinks it would be a good idea to build a machine that will make his agents more obedient
    E 13 Live Wire Engineering Shop Atkun Sarah Johnston 10 August 2013
    Murkum has a set-to with an electrical junction box which seems to have a mind of its own
    14 Cough Sweets Engineering Shop Mephnar Sr, a Gamma-2 Sam Arthur 17 August 2013
    Murkum thinks it's really exciting, how you can click things on the internet and they arrive at your front door a few days later
    15 Breach of the Peace Engineering Shop Bluey, IRAM, Mephnar Sr Timothy Johnston 24 August 2013
    The Murk Army is not a place of peace and harmony: internal squabbling is the usual order of the day... sometimes Murkum eggs them on, and other times he just wishes they'd stop breaking all of his stuff
    n/a A Prologue to Series 2 Corridors --- Timothy Johnston 15 February 2014
    Murkum is in the Staff Lounge, trying to show off a clever trick to his men...
    --- SERIES 2 ---
    2 F 16 My Tune to Call New Staff Lounge Darron Stenxe Matthew Colclough 1 March 2014
    Opinions clash as the Murk Army start to build themselves a new Staff Lounge
    17 Wet Rot New Staff Lounge Bluey, Atkun Sarah Johnston 8 March 2014
    Is it a coffee stain?  Is it a fungal infection?  Is it going to kill us all, or is Murkum overreacting again?
    18 Ready Money New Staff Lounge Solter, Mephnar Sr, IRAM Sam Arthur 15 March 2014
    The Murk Army need funds for a new sofa, apparently
    G 19 Use Nor Ornament New Staff Lounge Aaron Frostming, Gammas, Bluey Timothy Johnston 22 March 2014
    Where do you draw the line between keeping tools handy versus letting your lounge get cluttered?  Murkum and an underling disagree...
    20 Champion New Staff Lounge a Gamma-2 Matthew Colclough 29 March 2014
    Having a bionic arm means you always win at arm wrestling - right?
    21 Waiter, Waiter New Staff Lounge Gonce, Left-Handed Bob Timothy Johnston 5 April 2014
    Murkum isn't very good at assessing whether other people will be any good at particular jobs
    H 22 Gamma Trap Corridors Atkun, Left-Handed Bob Timothy Johnston 12 April 2014
    Murkum doesn't want to share his Staff Lounge with the low-ranking and deeply moronic Gamma agents any more, and tries a cunning plan to keep them out...
    23 Cooks Only Corridors Bluey Sam Arthur 19 April 2014
    Paranoid about doors in the aftermath of the Gamma Trap incident, Murkum decides he wants to go into the Staff Lounge through the kitchen door instead, but runs up against rules laid down by... well, himself
    24 Defective Goods New Staff Lounge IRAM, Left-Handed Bob Sarah Johnston & Tim Johnston 26 April 2014
    Want a coffee?  Well, you can't have one, because the machine's broken, and even the combined genius of Murkum and IRAM doesn't seem to be making any difference...
    I 25 A Friend In Need New Staff Lounge Oney, Hooper, Mitchell Timothy Johnston 3 May 2014
    Alpha One, head of the Murk Army's secondary division, turns up to help his boss with some supply issues - but, as usual, nothing goes entirely to plan around here!
    26 Rank and File New Staff Lounge Oney, Bluey Sarah Johnston 10 May 2014
    Nothing brightens your day like a pair of your underlings scrapping, does it?
    27 Harmony Is For Fools New Staff Lounge MC G., Crad, Carrots, Oney, IRAM Matt Colclough & Tim Johnston 17 May 2014
    Fort Murk's resident band perform a send-off concert for Tnarran Division, but it doesn't come across the way Murkum hoped...
    J 28 Mystery Gadget New Staff Lounge Atkun Sarah Johnston 24 May 2014
    The chief engineer knows what it is, but the boss is clueless...
    29 After Hours Corridors Aaron Frostming, Captain Eggs Matthew Colclough 31 May 2014
    Why you shouldn't hang around in the Fort Murk corridors at night
    30 Brave and Heroic New Staff Lounge Crad, Aaron Frostming Matthew Colclough 7 June 2014
    Murkum has stolen something very shiny from his enemies, and can't pass up the opportunity to brag about it...
    n/a A Prologue to Series 3 Charity Station Bluey Matthew Colclough 28 February 2015
    Apparently, the Murk Army are now trying to run a motorway service station...
    --- SERIES 3 ---
    3 K 31 Motive Juice Charity Station IRAM Matthew Colclough 30 April 2015
    Petrol?  Diesel?  Hydrogen?  Murkum is confused by all the different fuels, and fed up with customers complaining when he puts the wrong one in their tanks...
    32 Creative Accounting Charity Station Solter, Atkun Timothy Johnston 7 May 2015
    It's always good to have a trustworthy accountant like Solter, especially when you've been trying to get your Army back on the straight and narrow...
    33 Simple Directions Charity Station Crad Matthew Colclough 14 May 2015
    Murkum tries his hand at directing traffic, and things go as smoothly as ever...
    L 34 Tidiness is Paramount Charity Station Gamma-2s Phil Oakley 28 May 2015
    Broken glass leads to broken egos
    35 We Got You Covered Charity Station a Gamma, a customer Sarah Johnston 4 June 2015
    For some reason, Murkum now thinks he can run a breakdown service
    36 Man-Eater Charity Station a customer Timothy Johnston 18 June 2015
    A customer finds Murkum cornered by one of his worst nightmares - the dreaded Hardbrained Beetle!
    M 37 A Bus to Catch Charity Station Bluey, IRAM, Gonce Sam Arthur 25 June 2015
    Toilets and buses make a bad combination for Murkum
    38 The Darkness Charity Station Left-Handed Bob Sam Arthur and Matt Colclough 2 July 2015
    Murkum's been left behind at the service station overnight, and his pre-bed coffee gets rudely interrupted
    39 Dozy Head Charity Station --- Matthew Colclough 9 July 2015
    Murkum's still stick at the Station, it's getting late, and now he's found another problem: some idiot doesn't know how to put a bed together
    N 40 The Poster Men Charity Station Bluey, Meph Sr, Atkun et al Timothy Johnston 16 July 2015
    A bunch of Murkum's men are designing promotional posters to try and get customers to spend more money.  Their graphic design skills are questionable.
    41 Colourings and Sweeteners Charity Station Gonce, Bluey, a customer Phil Oakley 23 July 2015
    Gonce has been trying to make his porridge more exciting... which may or may not have been a good idea.
    42 Supply and Demand Charity Station Oney, a customer Matt Colclough & Tim Johnston 30 July 2015
    Murkum calls his friend Alpha One for help with his economic woes, but Oney isn't exactly being cooperative...
    O 43 Take-Out Coffee Charity Station a customer, Mouldy Stennids Sarah Johnston 7 August 2015
    The customer wants a drink.  How hard can it be?
    44 Lost Property Charity Station Mephnar Sr Matt Colclough & Tim Johnston 14 August 2015
    Murkum's motorway service station is in trouble, but Murkum seems to have something else on his mind...
    45 The Last Slouch Charity Station Bluey, IRAM, Mephnar Sr Matthew Colclough 20 August 2015
    Murkum's lost his service station, but he's got one last clever plan up his sleeve before he calls it quits...
    n/a A Prologue to Series 4 Retirement Home --- Matthew Colclough 19 December 2016
    It's been a while... and Murkum's spent the whole time sat on his behind at an old people's home, getting bored out of his skull.  It's time for things to change...
    --- SERIES 4 ---
    4 P 46 Ghost at the Water Cooler Entrance Hall Thell Nashric, Mouldy Stennids Matthew Colclough 25 May 2017
    And then, just when Murkum's men start to think the Army's doing pretty well without him...
    Q 47 Gatecrashed Boardroom Atkun, Solter, IRAM, Mephnar Sr Jake Ayrton and Matt Colclough 1 June 2017
    Murkum finds it difficult to get his head around the idea of other people having an executive meeting without him
    P 48 Signals of Respect various Gamma-2s, Beta-2s, Gonce, Thell Matthew Colclough 8 June 2017
    Murkum tries to convince anyone who'll listen that he's in charge again, and demands instant acknowledgement no matter what
    49 Use Your Head various The Fass Twins Sam Arthur and Matt Colclough 15 June 2017
    With all other options exhausted, Murkum has to resort to asking Grammun and Glogmun to help him in one of his arbitrary quests
    Q 50 Murkum's Birthday various Atkun, IRAM, Mephnar, Nudds, Gonce, Thell, LH Bob, Eggs Matthew Colclough 22 June 2017
    Atkun, IRAM and Mephnar task some Gammas with faking a birthday for Murkum to stop him getting under their feet - but will the ruse work?
    (This is a longer-than-usual episode, to celebrate reaching the show's fiftieth instalment)
    51 Noble Intent Engineering Shop Gamma-2s Timothy Johnston 29 June 2017
    In the aftermath of Murkum's birthday, some Gammas conduct a post-mortem on their efforts to provide him with an extra impromptu surprise
    R 52 The Hero Who Wasn't Boardroom Atkun, Solter, IRAM, Mephnar Sr Jake Ayrton and Matt Colclough 6 July 2017
    Still on a quest to get control of his Army back, Murkum tries staging a disaster and a brave rescue plan FAO Atkun
    53 Present Danger Engineering Shop Nudds, LH Bob, Eggs, Thell Matt Colclough & Tim Johnston 13 July 2017
    Remember that present that never turned up on Murkum's fake birthday?  Things get even worse when it finally arrives!
    54 Jailhouse Block various LH Bob, Bluey, Gonce, Nivv Sam Arthur 20 July 2017
    Murkum's men seem to keep getting underfoot, but he's got the ideal solution for that sort of thing...
    55 The Boss is Back various Bluey Matt Colclough & Tim Johnston 27 July 2017
    In a last attempt to make his erstwhile employees do his bidding again, Murkum repairs and reactivates his old Obedience Machine, and tests it on the long-suffering Bluey

    Screening Room

    Wallpaper Gallery

    Episode 1:
    Elite Class
    Episode 1
    Widescreen · Fullframe
    Episode 2:
    Episode 2
    Widescreen · Fullframe
    Episode 3:
    Headlong Dash
    Episode 3
    Widescreen · Fullframe
    Episode 4:
    Hammer Action
    Episode 4
    Widescreen · Fullframe
    Episode 5:
    I Want the Droids
    Episode 5
    Widescreen · Fullframe
    Episode 6:
    Power is Everything
    Episode 6
    Widescreen · Fullframe
    Episode 7:
    Props for Ignorance
    Episode 7
    Widescreen · Fullframe
    Episode 8:
    Speed of Delivery
    Episode 8
    Widescreen · Fullframe
    Episode 9:
    Episode 9
    Widescreen · Fullframe
    Episode 10:
    Steady Hand
    Episode 10
    Widescreen · Fullframe
    Episode 11:
    Shiny New Toy
    Episode 11
    Widescreen · Fullframe
    Episode 12:
    Boss Machine
    Episode 12
    Widescreen · Fullframe
    Episode 13:
    Live Wire
    Episode 13
    Widescreen · Fullframe
    Episode 14:
    Cough Sweets
    Episode 14
    Widescreen · Fullframe
    Episode 15:
    Breach of the Peace
    Episode 15
    Widescreen · Fullframe
    Episode 16:
    My Tune to Call
    Episode 16
    Widescreen · Fullframe
    Episode 17:
    Wet Rot
    Episode 17
    Widescreen · Fullframe
    Episode 18:
    Ready Money
    Episode 18
    Widescreen · Fullframe
    Episode 19:
    Use Nor Ornament
    Episode 19
    Widescreen · Fullframe
    Episode 20:
    Episode 20
    Widescreen · Fullframe
    Episode 21:
    Waiter, Waiter
    Episode 21
    Widescreen · Fullframe
    Episode 22:
    Gamma Trap
    Episode 22
    Widescreen · Fullframe
    Episode 23:
    Cooks Only
    Episode 23
    Widescreen · Fullframe
    Episode 24:
    Defective Goods
    Episode 24
    Widescreen · Fullframe
    Episode 25:
    A Friend In Need
    Episode 25
    Widescreen · Fullframe
    Episode 26:
    Rank and File
    Episode 26
    Widescreen · Fullframe
    Episode 27:
    Harmony Is For Fools
    Episode 27
    Widescreen · Fullframe
    Episode 28:
    Mystery Gadget
    Episode 28
    Widescreen · Fullframe
    Episode 29:
    After Hours
    Episode 29
    Widescreen · Fullframe
    Episode 30:
    Brave and Heroic
    Episode 30
    Widescreen · Fullframe
    Episode 31:
    Motive Juice
    Episode 31
    1440p Widescreen
    Episode 32:
    Creative Accounting
    Episode 32
    1440p Widescreen
    Episode 33:
    Simple Directions
    Episode 33
    1440p Widescreen
    Episode 34:
    Tidiness is Paramount
    Episode 34
    1440p Widescreen
    Episode 35:
    We Got You Covered
    Episode 35
    1440p Widescreen
    Episode 36:
    Episode 36
    1440p Widescreen
    Episode 37:
    A Bus to Catch
    Episode 37
    1440p Widescreen
    Episode 38:
    The Darkness
    Episode 38
    1440p Widescreen
    Episode 39:
    Dozy Head
    Episode 39
    1440p Widescreen
    Episode 40:
    The Poster Men
    Episode 40
    1440p Widescreen
    Episode 41:
    Colourings and Sweeteners
    Episode 41
    1440p Widescreen
    Episode 42:
    Supply and Demand
    Episode 42
    1440p Widescreen
    Episode 43:
    Take-Out Coffee
    Episode 43
    1440p Widescreen
    Episode 44:
    Lost Property
    Episode 44
    1440p Widescreen
    Episode 45:
    The Last Slouch
    Episode 45
    1440p Widescreen
    Episode 46:
    Ghost at the Water Cooler
    Episode 46
    2160p Widescreen
    Episode 47:
    Episode 47
    2160p Widescreen
    Episode 48:
    Signals of Respect
    Episode 48
    2160p Widescreen
    Episode 49:
    Use Your Head
    Episode 49
    2160p Widescreen
    Episode 50:
    Murkum's Birthday (Wallpaper A)
    Episode 50 (Wallpaper A)
    2160p Widescreen
    Episode 50:
    Murkum's Birthday (Wallpaper B)
    Episode 50 (Wallpaper B)
    2160p Widescreen
    Episode 50:
    Murkum's Birthday (Wallpaper C)
    Episode 50 (Wallpaper C)
    2160p Widescreen
    Episode 51:
    Noble Intent
    Episode 51
    2160p Widescreen
    Episode 52:
    The Hero Who Wasn't
    Episode 52
    2160p Widescreen
    Episode 53:
    Present Danger
    Episode 53
    2160p Widescreen
    Episode 54:
    Jailhouse Block
    Episode 54
    2160p Widescreen
    Episode 55:
    The Boss is Back
    Episode 55
    2160p Widescreen