How to Panic (2020)

This side of 2020, everybody's got a weird little skeleton in their closet in the form of a lockdown project.  This is mine.

There was something about the wildly varied - and often just wild - responses to 2020's exciting new flavour of flu which raised my hackles a bit, and I decided to seek some catharsis by filming a public-service announcement informing everyone how to panic properly.  The film is a little rough around the edges, partly due to the fact that I was working alone on a live-action project (difficult when you're trying to be at both ends of the camera for the same shot!) and partly because I was being uncharacteristically quick about it, and the music was an assortment of pieces nabbed - with permission - from Tim's growing back-catalogue rather than being written specifically for the project, but I was still pleased with the overall result, and I must admit to being tempted to do something like this again.

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