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Games Baptists Play (2004)

Project Status: Complete
Episodes: 20
Medium: Paper and pencil (ordinary HB, I'm afraid...); GIF
Dates: 2004 (writing & initial web publication)
Collaborators: none

This was the first of three separate comic-strip series which I've drawn, poking fun at Baptists - which I can get away with because I'm one myself.  I didn't publish this at the time of writing (although a few other people did see it), but along with the still-unpublished 10-episode series George, the Baptist Coffee Mug, it laid some conceptual groundwork without which Grace and Caffeine might never have happened.

Games showcases some terrible early scanning and image-processing work, a faintly embarrassing early version of my signature, and occasional explicit references to "Yateley Baptist Church" by name, which Grace and Caffeine never repeated.

The series was drawn in five blocks of four episodes each (which is why I've published it here in five pages of four episodes each) - the first three in May 2004, the fourth in August, and the fifth (temporarily re-titled Board Games Baptists Play) in November.

The Complete Series: